Doing it Yourself? Get Your Plastering Tools and Equipment Here

Cracks in the plaster? Need to patch a hole? Need to repair some plasterboard? Whether it’s just general wear-and-tear or a late-night spot of indoor cricket that didn’t seem like such a great idea the morning after, it sounds like you’ve got a job on your hands. Come to M & C Plaster Supplies to get the right plastering tools , supplies, and advice to get your walls and ceilings back up to scratch.

Our retail section has over 700 products, including plastering tools, plasterboard, insulation, trowels, screw guns, render tools, access panels, tape, adhesives, dust masks, brushes, brooms, buckets, abrasives and more.

We have it all in our warehouse. So, once you know what plastering tools, supplies and accessories are right for your job, come buy from us in our convenient drive-in warehouse. We’ll load what you need into your vehicle, and you can drive home to get on with it.

What does this mean for you?

It means one less trip through Melbourne traffic to get the job started: it’s one less piece of stuffing around before you can get your place looking the way it should.

The Right Plastering Advice

Doing it yourself is a lot easier with the right advice on board.Drop in, tell us about your job, and we’ll help you out with:

  • The right plastering tools for the job
  • The right kind of plastering equipment
  • The right sort of plasterboard
  • Advice on methods and technique

Our on-site DIY advice will steer you clear of beginner mistakes as well as a few traps for the not-so-beginner. Our end goal here is the same quality of plasterwork in your home that we’d be willing to have in ours.

Got A DIY Job ?

Get the right plastering tools, equipment, advice, accessories and know-how to do a first-rate job. Call us on 03 93620214 or get in touch with us via our contact form.