Find the Plastering Tools, Supplies and Advice for Your Next Job

Need to patch a hole or fix some cracks? Repairing an old plaster ceiling? Putting up some drywall? Installing wall or ceiling access panels ?

Whatever the job, come to us for the plastering tools, supplies and the right advice and support to back it up. With over 700 products in our 1000 square metre plaster warehouse, and 40 years combined experience in plastering and plasterboard in our staff, we’re the ideal outfit to turn to when you’ve got a job to do.

Confused about all the different types of plasterboard available? Not sure what’s right for you? Different types of plasterboard have different acoustic, structural, fire resistance, impact resistance, and thermal insulation properties. If you need assistance with these decisions, we can guide you through it and set you up with the right plastering tools for the right plasterboard for the job right in front of you.

Service, Technical Advice, After-Sales Support

Purchasing from us couldn’t be easier. Just drive in to our warehouse to buy the things you need and we’ll load it up for you right there and then. If you’d like to phone ahead with your order, feel free – if you’d prefer to just show up, that’s fine as well. We accept a variety of payment methods: cash, MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS and direct credit.

We take a lot of pride in our service and the quality of our technical advice. We don’t just sell plastering tools and products, we make sure we’re selling the right plastering tools and products for your exact situation. It’s not just the know-how on board – it’s our willingness to listen, too.

We’re Here to Help

Let’s have a chat about your plastering work. Give us a ring on (03) 93620214, or send us a message via the contact form .