Wavebar® MIL is a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier combined with fibreglass fabric. It was designed for the military and navy industry, conforming to MIL-PRF-24699A (SH).

Pyrotek developed a dense, thin, highly-flexible and tear-resistant noise barrier with excellent fire-resistance and thermal insulation. Wavebar MIL, designed with the original Wavebar soundproofing properties and added ‘flame shield’, is approved for use in military vehicles and navy ships.

Stiff and lightweight panel constructions such as light-gauge metals or rigid boards typically have coincidence dip resonance which allows noise to transmit through a construction. The coincidence dip is dependent on the material’s stiffness and thickness and occurs at the point where the sound transmitted through the structure matches the natural frequency of the panel. Wavebar® MIL shifts the coincidence dip to frequencies limiting its impact, thereby maintaining the performance of the product.

The dense mass layer reflects and absorbs the transmission of sound, reducing the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and electronic audio technologies.


  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Length
    Standard roll up to 30 ft (9.1 m)
  • Width
    Standard roll up to 5 ft (1.52 m)
  • Weight
    Barrier weights: 0.75 lb/ft2 (3.7 kg/m²), 1 lb/ft2 (4.9 kg/m²), 1.5 lb/ft2 (7.3 kg/m²)
  • Custom Sizes