Making application of Tec7 sausage adhesives and sealants easy!

We only recommend using a Tec7 caulking gun or a high-quality electric caulking gun with all Tec7 adhesives.

Be sure to oil your TEC7 Gun on a weekly or fortnightly basis. There is a small oil symbol embossed on the gun near the trigger mechanism showing the user where to insert the oil. Following this process with prolong the life of the TEC7 Gun.


  • TEC7 1:12 Caulking Gun can be used for most products in sausages, regardless of viscosity.
  • It has a flow stop control switch that enables a clean finish. The flow stop control switch is the black clip on the release trigger which offers two possiblities, down for continuous pressure, up for a slight regression of the piston to obtain a smoother and slower pouring (spouting) of softer products
  • The TEC7 Gun has a stainless steel piston rod with a hook at the end to allow the gun to be hung. This also reduces rust and corrosion issues.
  • The TEC7 Gun is of very solid construction substantially increasing its life span.
  • The TEC7 Gun has an 1:12 compression ratio, reducing the amount of pulling movements required for product application.


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