Powerful Universal Foam Cleaner

  • Cleans, degreases and polishes
  • Safe to use on most materials
  • Perfect degreasing for bonding

Tec7 Multiclean is a universal foam detergent for all flat and porous substrates. Thanks to its neutral character, Multiclean can be used everywhere.

Multiclean is the perfect cleaner for all polished, chromium plated, lacquered and plastified surfaces such as crayonne, strips of shoe blacking and even insect excrements and dead insects on windscreens and headlights. Removes grease, dirt and light resins on rims, fairings, windscreens, clothing and more.


  • Brand
  • Product
    Slightly foaming liquid in an aerosol can
  • Specific Weight
    0.900 at 20°C
  • Basis
    Ozone-friendly propellant, emulsifiers, additives, alcohols, scent
  • Shelf Life
    36 months, in closed original packaging, dry, cool and frost-free