The Rondo DUO® Exposed Ceiling Grid System is a practical, convenient ceiling system. It has a complete range of main sections and complementary parts so that you can adapt the modules to suit your design needs.

The smart design of Rondo DUO® Exposed Ceiling Grid System components means they are easily assembled on site, and can be adjusted or replaced without damage. All components have been designed and tested by Rondo Engineers to meet the requirements of suspended ceiling codes in both Australia and New Zealand.

Rondo DUO® Exposed Ceiling Grid System consists of 24mm wide steel Main and Cross-tees, to support acoustic and plasterboard ceiling tiles in non-fire rated environments. The Cross Tees will positively lock into each other through the Main Tee with a gentle push, creating a sturdy structure.

What you’ll like about Rondo’s DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System

  • Available in pre-finished steel
  • Engineered for fast assembly on site
  • Double rows of embossed stitching on tees to increase torsional strength
  • Able to be removed/reinstalled without damage
  • Main tee slots every 100mm for Cross Tees gives extra layout flexibility
  • Unique “Zipper” box, better protects and stores products

What is the DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System suitable for?

  • Steel Ceiling Grid Systems
  • Aluminium Ceiling Grid Systems
  • Drop-in Configurations
  • One-way semi-concealed configurations
  • Seismic designs
  • Bulkhead designs
  • Lineal diffusers


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